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On-Site Massage Therapy

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs
Series 1: Self-Care  The key factors to building a healthy foundation
Series 2: Basic Stretch
Series 3: Active Isolated Stretching

What is the need?
Health promotion is recognized as a key component of a safe and healthy organization.
Companies need to integrate this into their culture. Our on
-site massage assists bringing
organizational health, productivity and success in a safe and effective manner.

A positive change in individual employee health metrics can be an early indicator in many
aspects of business performance and can improve productivity through reducing loss time
claims. Healthier employees result in a safer workplace, which will also reduces potential fines
for employer and employee fines for safety and negligence-related loss time claims.

Stress related employee turnover, absenteeism, lowered morale and time loss claims all affect
the bottom line. Diminished productivity, compensation claims, health insurance and direct
medical expenses from job stress and related issues cost companies millions of dollars every
year.  Our services can be a key component in bringing down these costs.

Relaxed workers are more likely to cooperate and communicate more effectively, lowering
stress and anxiety levels, thus, improving the work environment for everyone.

People are a company's most important resource. High performance employees need to be
physically and mentally healthy. Health For Success aligns its strategic objectives with the
company's overall objectives pertaining to building a strong, safe, productive and capable

Your company is ahead of the game with a cost efficient health and prevention program that
reduces present and future costs as well as having introduced an improved standard of quality
in the company, industry and life of the employees.

Massage therapy specializes in corrective methods and also activates the body's natural
healing resources to repair soft tissue and muscular skeletal problems. It is a drug-free
approach to wellness. Massage therapy has also been proven to benefit health in its ability to
facilitate the healing or prevention of many types of injuries.

Reputation Management – Health for Success can contribute to your vision of achieving your
health and safety goals which gives you a leading edge in your industry.  The government and
WCB will be happy with your company's improved success at health and safety performance.
Healthy employees reflect well on a company, which in turn you will be seen as a progressive,
effective and high performing company.  

Following are several case studies, some of which relay direct experience by Health For
Success and some that have been published in other sources.

Research Case Study: BC hydro

The initial objective was to develop and instill a workplace wellness program that would provide
programming and awareness for employees.

Currently, the program is refocusing on targeting the individual needs of participating

The program resulted in:

  • $1.2 million in reduced sick leave costs annually
  • $97,000 in reduced accident costs per year
  • $35,000 in WCB rate reduction
  • Productivity gains of $919,000
  • Employee retention and corporate image gains

There is an estimate of $2.74 benefit for every dollar spent (Source: Regional Public Health
2000, Craig, Evan 1999 & Wosnick and Kalbfeish 1999)

Research Case Study: MDS Nordion

Their objective was to adopt three strategic priorities through a comprehensive wellness

  • Superior performance
  • Quality
  • A sustainable growth in stake holder's value

To accomplish these priorities, the executive management team realized they needed a strong
organizational culture with healthy people and recognized the value of giving their employees
an opportunity to enhance their health and well being.

The program resulted in reduced absenteeism from 7.4 days to 4 days.

Lost time injuries for 1998 were at an all time low of 0.25/ 100 persons (Statistics Canada 1998,
Cowan 1999 and Young 2000).

Research Case Study: McDonnell Douglas

Recognize that a wellness and employee assistance program has a positive impact on
improved work culture, morale, positive work practices and ultimately increased productivity.
The program resulted in a return of $4 for every $1 invested. The company estimated that they
achieved a $4.3 million savings in reduced medical claims.

McDonnell Douglas estimates savings of $800,000 in reduced absenteeism. (Regional Niagara
Public Health Department Region 2000 Craig, Evans 1999 and Marsden 1994).

Health For Success Case Studies

Air Canada/Fitness Network

Through Air Canada's merger with Canadian Airlines, Health For Success was contracted to
manage the onsite massage therapy program. The project included assessment, treatment,
recording and evaluation for the purpose of injury prevention and the reduction of employee
stress. The program worked alongside a team of psychologists, who were also brought in for
the purpose of change management between the two former competitors.

Over the course of the one-year contract, Health For Success worked with two specific
occupational groups. Administrative staffs including ticketing agents were presented with
therapy that aided in stress reduction and management of interpersonal relationships with
potentially frustrated customers. Cargo personnel benefited from biomechanics, which
educates staff with respect to using their body safety and more effectively. In addition,
massage therapy was used to reduce RIS (Repetitious Injury Strain).

The program resulted in better coping ability with the stresses inherent during this difficult time
where personnel were being downsized. Staff was educated in corrective measures that
provided skills and methods, which can be used for the long term. Labour workers benefited
from better range of motion and physical health. The therapy also helped to increase morale.

The contract was completed once the merge between the two companies was finalized.

Aon Reed Steinhouse

Health For Success was contracted to provide onsite massage therapy services for the
purpose of reducing employee stress and increase morale during a complete overhaul of their
computer network.

The one-month contract commenced just before the network was switched over and continued
through the complex problem-solving phase of the change over. The program helped staff in
various ways, from reducing stress between IT staff or management and their clients to helping
employees manage the increased workload and additional hours

Nait - Health for Success was hired to do chair massage for a wellness day promotion for their
food service staff.

Associated Engineering - Corporate onsite chair massage is offered to the employees as part
of AE's wellness program.

Onsite Massage:
Onsite massage not only improves employee's on a professional level but also on a personal
level. In addition to better regulation of personal competence, there will be spillover benefits in
social aspects:
  • Personal Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Self Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Self- Control
  • Positive Influence
  • Trustworthiness
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Conflict Management
  • Conscientiousness
  • Positive Change
  • Motivation
  • Team Work
  • Stability
  • Productivity
  • Initiative
  • Cooperation  

Here is an overview of individual benefits:

Physical Benefits:
  • Reduces fatigue / overexertion
  • Reduces muscle spasm / myofascial pain
  • Enhances work performance / Control
  • Improves body mechanics
  • Strengthens body /Boosts Immune function
  • Fosters faster healing of tissues
  • Reduces body stress / bodily reactions
  • Reduces pain / formation of scar tissue
  • Promotes deep, easier breathing
  • Improves circulation /  lymph drainage
  • Improves posture /coordination
  • Reduces repetitive strain
  • Reduce chronic / acute pain
  • Improves physical energy / movement  

Mental Benefits:
  • Reduction of sleep / PTS disorders
  • Reduction in aggression, depression
  • Relieves mental stress
  • Enhances ability to think, focus,concentrate
  • Reduces levels of anxiety / hyperactivity
  • enhances task performance / efficiency
  • Improves judgement / decision making
  • Improves problem solving / mental clarity
  • Personal competence / performance
  • Promotes relaxed state of mental alertness
  • Improves overall mental function
  • Improves overall cognitive abilities  

We have an affordable approach on health promotion and clinical prevention enabling your
company to reap maximum benefit at minimum cost.

For more information on Processes - what we do to attain positive end results for the company
and employee please contact Karen Menshik.

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