Massage Coverage:

Direct bill your massage:
We can setup a direct billing account for your massage therapy services through Blue Cross,
Greenshield and Great West Life.

Extended Benefits
Insurance provider coverage depends on your individual insurance plan and provider.  Please
check your extended health plan or blue cross for coverage for you and your family on
massage therapy, also some plans may require a prescription.

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Claims

As of October of 2004, which upon diagnosis of injuries sustained in your motor vehicle
accident, treatment protocol may vary. It is necessary to go see your doctor within 10 days of
your accident. Patients diagnosed within protocol limits are entitled to:

WAD 1 Diagnosis: 10 treatments
WAD 2 Diagnosis: 21 Treatments

These treatments must be used within in a 90 days of your accident. These treatments are
shared between your massage therapist, chiropractor, physiotherapist and acupuncturists.
Once these insurance treatments are used, then you can access your secondary coverage
(extended health benefits, blue cross, etc…).  In some cases the doctor may request more

WAD 3 and WAD 4: Diagnosis out of protocol limits are entitled to maximum $250.00 for
massage therapy, $750.00 for chiropractor, $250.00 for acupuncture and $600.00 for
physiotherapy. Secondary coverage (extended benefits, blue cross, great west life, etc…) must
be exhausted before any coverage from the vehicle insurance company comes into effect.

PLEASE NOTE that if deemed a WAD 3 or WAD 4, the vehicle insurance company may not
allow direct billing for services rendered. In this instance, patients are responsible for the fees
for any service rendered. Receipts will be given for reimbursement by the vehicle insurance

Patients are responsible for full payment at the end of each service. We accept CASH or
CHEQUE. Please acknowledge that 24 hours noticed is required for cancellations, otherwise we
charge for the full service price of missed appointments.