Massage Therapy

I am extremely ticklish and very sensitive. Karen is the first masseuse to massage me and I've really enjoyed it. I always feel so refreshed after!
Kara C.

Amazing massage! I got my first massage from the talented Karen many many years ago and don't go anywhere else. Thanks for the wonderful service
Marion L.

Karen is amazing! I recommend classes with her! She is truly amazing and what she does:)
Talli W.

After one treatment I was able to stand tall and walk with zero pain. Karen is amazing and very intune with the body.
Charlotte C.

Excellent work. Always does a great job! Always professional.
Sheila F.

I enjoyed my massage thoroughly.  The pressure used was comfortable, as I wanted a relaxing session.  Karen was professional in all aspects; asked for feedback during the session and listened.  I will return as I believe a massage is a necessity of life!
Linda E.

Karen is amazing.  After a long stressful day at work I was able to relax after a session.
MIke E.

Red Light Therapy

Amazing!!! I had my first red light treatment 3 days ago (I have had chronic lower back pain for years) and had immediate results! Just hours before my treatment I could barely get out of a chair without a stabbing sensation in my back.
I can now sit, stand and chase after my horses with absolutely no pain! I wouldn't have believed it was possible, but it is...thank you so much Karen words just aren't enough!
Jennifer Courtepatte

Karen did her red light treatment on my lower back and neck for chronic injury. Karen was profession and friendly explaining what she was doing. My back and neck felt better( not as achey) right after treatment and even better the next day. It was great. I strongly recommend Karen.
Joanne V.

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