Infrared Sauna:

Stress and Pain Relief
Quick and effective means of relief and relaxation that melts away stress and tension in
minutes. The warmth from our sauna gives an overall massaging effect that soothes nerves
and tight muscles. As you use your sauna regularly you will begin to notice many changes in
your body. A sense of calmness, well being, and stress relief are commonly reported effects.

Far-infrared heat induced vasodilatation for fibromyalgia pain relief.

Pain may be relieved via the reduction of attendant or secondary muscle spasms.

Pain is also at times related to ischemia due to tension or spasm which can be improved by the
hyperthermia that heat-induced vasodilatation produces, thus breaking the feedback loop, in
which the ischemia leads to further spasm and then more pain. Heat has been shown to reduce
pain sensation by direct action on both free-nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves.

In one dental study, repeated heat applications led both to abolishment of the whole nerve
responsible for pain arising from dental pulp. Heat may lead to increased endorphin production
and a shutting down (of Melzach and Wall,)(so-called "spinal gate") each of which can reduce

Successes Reported with Infrared Treatments by Medical Researchers in the Following Types
of Cases:

  • Disc-protrusion Related Neuralgia
  • Brain Contusion - accelerated healing
  • Tight Shoulders - relaxed
  • Spinal Cord Shock - post traumatic shock reversed
  • Muscle Tension - relaxed
  • Shoulder Pain - relieved or eliminated
  • Bursitis - eliminated
  • Muscle Spasms - reduced or eliminated
  • Low Back Pain - relieved
  • Compression Fracture - pain eliminated for 3 days with only a single treatment
  • Post-exercise Muscle Pain - IR proven vital to competitive athletes
  • Arthritis: Gouty, Rheumatoid, Traumatic, DJD - each substantially relieved or improved
  • Adhesions - lengthened or more easily broken; common in competitive athletes, trauma and repetitive stress syndromes.