Infrared Sauna:

Your Infrared Session
An infrared session is usually ½ hour long.  We ask you to bring some towels ,water, and get
ready to sweat. Make sure you drink lots of water before you come that will help your body
cleanse out the toxins. It works best being completely unclothed, you may lay face down or on
your back depending what areas you want the most heat, For instance if you want to target the
buttock area or back area I would lay face down and let the infrared rays do their magic . Your
head is kept outside the unit, if you would like a total all over body experience place a towel
over your head for maximum benefit. Please do not shower for at least 2 hours after a session
this allows the toxins to release from the body with no interruption.

The sauna can be used three times a week, and if you are under a doctors care studies
show that you may benefit, although get your doctors advice before doing the infrared in
conjunction with medical treatments.