Ion Cleansing:

IonCleanse® vs. The Competition
What Makes the IonCleanse® different from and better than competitive units?

(1) Scan our electrical safety report. It outlines a multitude of tests that the IonCleanse® had to
pass in order to meet engineering and safety standards of all regulatory authorities throughout
the world. The IonCleanse® is the only unit that officially meets worldwide safety standards.
The IonCleanse® unit is so safe that even if the control box is dropped in water while active, no
shock will occur and the unit will continue to work when the interior has dried.

Virtually all of the ionization devices offered for sale plug into an alternating current source.
This alternating current must be completely neutralized by the control box so as not to do
damage to the human electric field. Alternating current broadcasts and, as our safety report
indicates, we are well under all regulatory safety limits for alternating current broadcasts.
Broadcast electric current (AC flow-through) will weaken the body's electrical field including
acupuncture meridians. The only way you can assure yourself of another unit's safety from
electrical shock and from broadcast current is to have them show you a similar report.

(2) The IonCleanse® has five different session programs, three of which alternate between a
positive polarity and a negative polarity. This "dual polarity" feature allows practitioners and
individuals to select the best session for each user. Most of the other units on the market are
"mono-polar" units; that is they only produce a predominance of negative ions in the water.
Users of these units may complain of dizziness, lightheadedness, or even nausea.

The IonCleanse® is the only unit on the market to offer manual and automatic polarity
switching. This is a vital feature for anyone planning to offer the footbath publicly. Everyone is
different, and some people require unique polarity settings. We recommend the use of muscle
testing and/or litmus paper so that the practitioner can tailor treatments to everyone's need.
The IonCleanse® is the only unit that allows the practitioner this flexibility.

(3) Many competing units are sold at prices less than what it costs us to manufacture our unit.
Cheaply priced units are typically manufactured in foreign countries or in home-based
workshops. The manufacturer does not understand what the technology does and typically has
no concern about the health and safety hazards posed by shoddy workmanship.

(4) Foreign manufacturers have little incentive to service broken or faulty products. Most are
hit-and-run. They typically use "5% parts" (a part tested to fail at less than 5 times per 100
parts), which translates to a breakdown rate between 10%-20% over the warranty period. How
will you be serviced when your unit breaks down and you have 5 or 6 clients scheduled for the
next day? A Major Difference uses "1% parts," which translates to a breakdown rate of 2%-3%
during the warranty period. In the rare instance when a unit needs a repair, A Major Difference
will overnight to you a replacement unit (within the United States) with a call tag to pick up your
disabled unit at no cost or hassle to you. A Major Difference has the best, most reliable
customer service policy in the country.

(5) The use of ionization devices is far more complicated than simply putting someone's feet in
water and turning on the switch. The reason for A Major Difference's popularity and success is
the clinical support it provides to both practitioner and individual on a continuing basis. We
teach you how to use the unit safely and effectively; we are available during business hours to
help guide you through your personal or practice challenges and we offer ongoing educational
opportunities through seminars and professional training.

(6) Because of the alignment and structure of the water module (array), the IonCleanse®
creates the greatest osmotic pull which translates into greater treatment effectiveness per unit
of time in the water. In other words, your clients will experience better and more noticeable
results with the IonCleanse® than with any other unit.

As with anything else in life, you get what you pay for. The IonCleanse® is the Bentley of the
industry with a Cadillac price tag. In other words, from a safety and customer service
standpoint, from a treatment effectiveness standpoint, from a cost-per-session standpoint and
from a reliability standpoint, the IonCleanse® is a bargain. You are buying a unit that will outlive
you if you don't abuse it, and a major difference will provide you with ongoing educational
opportunities that will enable you to accomplish wondrous feats for yourself and your clientele.