Ion Cleansing:

IonCleanse® Testimonials
Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater sense of well being from
each IonCleanse® session. Just read what patients and doctors have had to say...

Personal Testimonials:
My once swollen ankles are now normal size after six treatments. They tend to retain fluid when
I am under stress, but one or two treatments brings them back to normal size.
~ Ellen Zimmer, Spring Valley, WI

The liver spots that used to be all over the back of my hands and arms are almost completely
~ Louise Webb, Durango, CO

My 85 year old mother could not work in the garden because of severe pain and stiffness. She
can now work a few hours every day and fights me for the IonCleanse®.
~ Gordon Pierce, Littleton, CO

Doctor Testimonials:
I have had the unit for three weeks and have thirty-three appointments booked for next week.
My patients love it.
~ Scott Melrose, D.C., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The IonCleanse® has become an indispensable part of my practice in a short period of time. It
supports everything I do. My patients love it and I get great results.
~ Robert Connelly, LAcc., Sufferon, NY

The IonCleanse® supports all of the modalities that I use and it seems to speed the healing
until six o'clock every day.
~ David Jernigan, D.C. Wichita, KS

We have been using the IonClenase technology in our office for six months. We have done
over 1200 sessions and are very pleased with the results our patients are getting. Conditions
involving joint pain, skin problems, and fatigue have shown great improvement.
~ Kerry Randa, D.C., Loveland, CO

The IonCleanse® has added new life to my practice. After buying a practice, the transition was
made much easier with the IonCleanse® and the excitement it created in my patients.
The IonCleanse® is the best referral tool I have.
~ Jack Hudgins, D.C., Lubbock, TX