Karen Menshik:

Relevant Experience:
  • Owned and operated own business since 1990.
  • 29 years of experience in therapeutic massage and complementary therapies.
  • Continual work in conjunction with corporations, fitness trainers, doctors, chiropractors
    as well as other professionals
  • Experience with many corporate clients - Listed below, past to present:
  • Air Canada Project  / Fitness Network
  • Aon Reed Stenhouse
  • Norwood Seniors Home
  • Down Hill Riders
  • Lake Louise Inn
  • Foot Solutions
  • Wayne Taylor Financial
  • YMCA
  • Nait
  • Associated Engineering
  • Focus on You
  • Riverbend Athletic Club
  • Lehigh Cement
  • Avana Spa
  • Servus Credit Union

Clinical work experience with clients:
  • Injury Prevention RSI
  • MSD Musculosketetal
  • Injuries traumas
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Pain management
  • Emotional stress release
  • Smoking cessation
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Addictions / habit disorders
  • Goal orientation
  • Learning enhancement / comprehension
  • Confidence / self-esteem

Professional capabilities:
Program Developer / Facilitator, Massage Therapist, Corporate Wellness Coordinator

Master Certification Kinesiology and Complementary Therapies which is comprised of:
  • Advanced Massage Therapy Massage Therapist
  • Mediation
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist
  • Reflexologist
  • Kinesiology (TFH)

Massage Therapy:
1990 - Advanced Massage Therapy - Grant MacEwan Community College - Edmonton, AB
1994 - Massage Therapy Advance Techniques, Body Movement, PNF stretches, Hydrotherapy
- Grant MacEwan Community College - Edmonton, AB

Course Descriptions:        
Clinical Assessment & Treatment Planning, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage Techniques,      
Hydrotherapy, Deep Massage Techniques, Remedial Exercise, Trigger Point Therapy,        
Pregnancy Massage, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Kinesiology  (Level 4 TFH)

1997 Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society Grant MacEwan Community College - Edmonton, AB

Course Description:
Alternatives in Dispute Resolution, Critical Skills for Communication, Resolving Interpersonal
Conflict (Level 1)

1997 Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotist 1999 Masters In Hypnosis, Kinesiology and
Complementary therapies - Edmonton, AB

Course Description:
Self Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy Principal and Practice, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Professional
Hypnotism, Critical Incident Stress Syndrome (advanced training for professional therapists)

Organizational Behavior
1998 Metro Continuing Education - Edmonton, AB

Course Description:
Focus on personal, interpersonal and group
dynamics in business. You will gain an
understanding of motivational practices, employee
involvement and organizational culture.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):
2007 - 3 Levels of EFT - Calgary, AB

Course Description:
Level 1 Introduction to EFT - targets unresolved emotional issues and the potential blocks to
Vibrant Health and Well Being.

Level 2 Expand your effectiveness with EFT - advanced processes and ingenious word
patterns for leveraging techniques: Palace of Possibilities, Working by Telephone,
Psychological Reversal, ‘The Tearless Trauma Technique’, ‘Chasing the Pain’, and ‘Sneaking
up on the Problem’

Level 3 Art of Delivery - covers reframing, sophisticated ways of using your intuition, advanced
language patterns, important areas of refinement, the chance to discuss difficult cases, and
how to use humor and lightness.

1998 Reflexology (Level 1)Touch Point Institute - Vancouver, BC

Course Description:
Balancing the reflexes on the hands, feet, ears, face and body

2000 Certified Meditation Instructor Willpower Institute - Bangkok, Thailand and Edmonton, AB, CA

Course Description:
Meditation for Self-Mastery, Increasing Mind Power

Exercise Theory:
2011 AFLCA -
Edmonton, AB

Course topics include: anatomy, physiology, movement mechanics, training and
conditioning, nutrition, leadership and health and fitness.

Resistance Training:
2011 AFLCA -
Edmonton, AB

Course topics include: techniques and precautions, exercise analysis, design,
anatomy program design, specialty background, safety considerations, training methods,
nutrition and drugs and resistance training with women, older adults and youth.

Stretch Training:
2011 Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S.): The Mattes Method - Chigaco, USA

Course Description:
Obstacles to Optimal Flexibility, Benefits of Stretching, A.I.S. Principles, Fascia Embryology,
Fascia and Well-being, Fascia and Autonomic Nervous System, Physical Properties of
Connected Tissue, Centre of Gravity, Fascia Muscle and Balance, Emotional Memory, Muscle
Memory, Physiologic Warm-up and Cool Down Periods, Athletic Performance, Benefits of an
Optimal Flexibility Program

Advanced Stretch Training:
2012 Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S.): The Mattes Method - Sarasota, Florida, USA

Course Description:
Detailed approaches to each muscle surrounding a joint, various indications and
contraindications related to diseases, injuries, joint replacements, osteoporosis and aging
factors. Carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, tendonitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back problems,  
neuropathy and various sports medicine considerations were discussed and demonstrated.

Kinesio Taping:
2013 KT1 (Fundamentals) and KT2 (Advanced) - Edmonton, AB

Course Description:

CEE Practical Exam Preperation:
2013 CEE Practical Exam Preparation Workshop - Edmonton, AB

Course Description:

Essential Assessment and Treatment Concepts:
2013 Essential Assessment and Treatment Concepts Workshop - Edmonton, AB

Course Description:

Comtempary Cupping Methods:
2015 International Cupping Therapy Certification - Edmonton, AB

Course Description:
Biomagnetic Cupping, Facial Cupping, Static and Dynamic Cupping, Fire Cupping

CE Course:
2015 Fat Metabolism and Gender Differences - Online

Course Description:

CE Course:
2016 Alternative and Integrative Nutrition - Online

Course Description:

CE Course:
2016 Equine Massage Therapist Certification

Course Description:

CE Course:
2016 Vertebral Realignment

Course Description:

CE Course:
2017 Yoga Teacher Training 200

Course Description:

CE Course:
2019 Visceral Manipulation Abdominal 1

Course Description:

CE Course:
2019 Visceral Manipulation Abdominal 2

Course Description:

CE Course:
2020 Visceral Manipulation Thorax 4

Course Description:

Professional Associations
Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) - Member since 1991

Work Experience:
Owner and Manager of Health for Success, Established 1990
Home based Massage Therapy, On-Site Massage, Teaching Personal Wellness Classes
Developing and Implementing Wellness Corporate Programs

2011-2015 Focus On You - part time contract aside from Massage Practice
2013-2014 YMCA - part time independent contracter
2004-2011 Westview Chiropratic Clinic - Massage Therapist
2003-2007 Metro Community College - Teacher (Personal Wellness)
2003          Conducted independent Meditation Classes plus contracted to YMCA
2002          Developed and Conducted independent Seniors Wellness Classes
2001          Developed and Conducted independent Couples Prenatal Classes
2000          Associate Member / Massage Therapist - Fitness Network
1998-2000 Developed/Conducted Relaxation Workshops for Kerstin Flanagan Midwife
1991-1995 Massage Therapist / Workshop Facilitator - Jamie Platz YMCA
1994          Dr. Galsa- Chiropractic Clinic - Worked on referral and on-call basis
1994          Developed and Conducted Baby Massage Course - YMCA
1993-1994 Developed and Conducted Couples Massage Course - YMCA
1992-1994 Massage Therapist - Dr. Dan Martin Chiropractic Clinic

Media Coverage:
1997          A-Channel: interview on massage therapy for trauma
1997          A-Channel: Guest speaker on hypnotherapy

Community Service:
2013-2015 Canine Massage Therapy for Dog Rescue
2009-2013 Concept Homes Fundraiser for Good Neighbour Fund
2005          Masters Game Edmonton
2003          MS Bike Tour – volunteer massage therapist
2003          Pamco – educational presentation and demonstration on massage and wellness
2002          Western and Nationals Water ski Championship – massage for skiers
2001          Assist Community Services – education and presentation on meditation
1998          Western Water-ski Championship – massage for skiers
1998          Youville Nursing Home – massage instruction and educational presentation
1997          Capital Health Services – educational presentation regarding benefits of massage;
demo of chair massage and guided meditation
1996          Epilepsy Foundation – educational presentation to staff and members
1994          Corporate Challenge – community event for corporations – volunteer therapist
1993          Liver Foundation – organized massage therapists for fund raiser
1991          McConnell Place West – massage for staff
1999-1993 MS Bike Tour – volunteer massage therapist