Massage Therapy:

It has been said that massage therapy is the most natural form of healing. Massage is so basic
to nature that we do it automatically,  perhaps it is our natural inclination to massage a wound
or ache is instinctual. Think about it, when a person has a headache they automatically rub
their temples or when a person bumps their knee on a table they instantly rub the area of pain.

The word Massage is from the Greek to knead; Sanskrit, Masch, to strike to press, to
condense, and according to Graham "Massage: Reference Handbook of the Medical
Sciences", includes "friction, kneading, manipulating, rolling, and percussion of the external
tissues of the body in a variety of ways, either with a curative, palliative, or hygienic object in
view." Friction, rolling, a form of deep kneading, and percussion, are produced by the action of
many of the mechanical vibratodes. "Mechanical Vibration", M. L. H. Arnold Snow, M.D. 1912

Massage as a form of healing has been considered for thousands of years. Archaeologists
found ancient Egyptian paintings of people being massage dating back to 3000 BC. This type
of therapy was listed as a cure for fever, paralysis as well as other ailments. Massage has been
recorded in a Chinese medical book dating back to 2700 BC

Massage professionals have spent years observing the benefits of using certain strokes and
have developed systematic techniques to relieve the pain and stress of mankind.